List of major fragrances & fragrance notes
Name Fragrance Olfactory Notes
01 Thé noir mangue fruity tea, slightly lemon
02 Désir noir Exotic wood from Africa
03 Lavande Lavande
04 Thé de la mer Marine scents and notes of green algae
05 Cèdre Wooded
06 Thé frangipane Toasted almond, fruity and slightly spicy cinnamon
07 Pamplemousse Citrus juice
08 Lys royal White flowers, tuberose, musk
09 Mandarine Mandarin
10 Lemon zest Neroli from Tunisia, Sicilian lemon, orange Brazil
11 Thé vert Leaves and flowers freshly picked tea and lemon
12 Pur lin Aldehyde, floral fresh cloves
13 --
14 Cachou Sweet licorice and mint
15 Lily rose Roses from Turkey, hyacinth, iris from Italy, Purple
16 Vanille verveine Madagascar vanilla and verbena wild
17 Thé à la rose Old rose slightly fruity
17 Thé à la rose Old rose slightly fruity
18 Feuille de figuier Green notes, fruity (fig)
19 Cannelle cinnamon
20 Bleu violette Floral (violet)
21 Blanc d'arôme White flowers: lilies, honeysuckle and white lilac
22 Brin doré Ylang-ylang flowers
23 Brun d'épices Oriental, spicy, sweet (chocolate orange, patchouli)
24 Vent vert Lime zest, tangerine and cardamom
25 Gadjo Trees and flowers
26 Aléatoire Lemon, moss and woodland
27 Ivoire White musk, hibiscus seed
28 Byzance Oriental amber, incense from Somalia, Ethiopian myrrh
29 Héliotrope Heliotrope, ylang-ylang and mimosa
30 Epices & a Precious wood, softwood & chimney fire
31 Fleur de miel floral : honey, Madagascar vanilla, jasmine
32 Caramel au beurre salé Caramel, milk, praline, tonka bean, benzoin and vanilla
33 Chant d'orient Spicy, floral, slightly woody
34 Conte de fleurs Fruity-floral slightly lemony
35 Murmure Red fruits, praline powder (barley sugar)
36 Mano a mano Earth amber, lemon zest and eucalyptus
37 Fleur de monoï Monoi, Egyptian Jasmine, Orange Brazil
38 Camélia Floral, iris from Italy, cloves, Tonka beans
39 Cannelle-mandarine Spicy and fruity
41 Chocolat-orange Bitter cocoa beans with candied orange
43 Ambre Myrrh, musk, amber
44 Bellissima Wild orchid and carnation of India
45 C de costard Vetiver, moss, woody and slightly lemony
46 Indiennes Patchouli Rose Wild
47 Instinct Spring flowers, violet, jasmine, orange blossom
48 Mâtines Bouquet of Peonies
49 Cuir de Russie Leather amber, rustic, slightly lemony
50 Biscuit au lait Almonds, praline, coconut milk, vanilla from Madagascar
51 Cade Cade wood
52 Poudre divine Bergamot, clover, freesia, rock rose, tuberose, vetiver
53 Patio Amber, white musk, jasmine, rose and sandalwood
54 Zinzoline Floral, sweet, citrus fruits of Sicily and Brazil
55 Rouge désir Pepper, tree moss, patchouli and citrus
56 Sur un nuage Orange blossom and vanilla powdered
57 Feuille de bambou Floral, citrus green notes
58 Fleurs d'O Fresh fern, geranium, iris from Italy, white musk
59 Patchouli Patchouli
60 Blanc de thé The green oak
61 Sable blanc Spicy, citrus, almond, sandalwood and cedar
62 Blanc verger Blackcurrant, wild rose, lemon, mandarin
63 Amalie blanc Minty, woody notes of heady Ylang-ylang
64 Promenons-nous Glades, oak moss, mushrooms
65 Bulles de champagne Floral, fruity, grape, peach, blackcurrant, violet, cardamom
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